We also offer specialised services for erection, overhaul, start up, operation and maintenance of industrial plants

In the field of paper industry SOZOL servis provides:

  • Drying, regulating, tensioning rolls repair and replacement
  • Drivers and driver shafts service and replacement
  • Head boxes regulation
  • pumps diagnostics, replacement and repair
  • Repair and revision of rewinders
  • Repair and maintenance of grinder line
  • Repairs and maintenaces on most of paper mill plants
  • General and medium overhauling
  • Machines and equipment relocation
  • Review, assembly and dismantling bearings ( SKF procedure and techniques )
  • Production of various types of weldments

In the field of energy (power and heating plants) SOZOL servis provides:

  • Simple and combined cycle erection
  • Erection of steam turbogenerators
  • Installation and overhaul of pumps, compressors, turbines and their insulation
  • Assembly and overhaul turbogenerators and auxiliary equipment
  • Assembly and overhauling of gas turbines in power plants and simple cycle power plants
  • Turbine overhauls are usually performed simultaneously with those of the auxiliary systems, such as: generators, auxiliary turbines, engines, pumps, heaters, condensers (including retubing), fans, etc.



Inland and abroad, we carry out installation, maintenance and refurbishment of:

  • Engineering units such as paper machines and their accessories
  • Pumps, compressors, turbine generators and their accessories
  • Industrial furnaces/kilns and dryers of brick factories
  • Sawmill production lines
  • Steel structures

and provide:

  • Services for start-up of industrial lines during their operation
  • Specialized services for the relocation of machines
  • Customer service, post-warranty period service



  • Turning to the dia. 420x3000 mm
  • Milling width of 400 mm in length 2000 mm
  • Drilling holes
  • Slotting holes and grooves (different shapes)
  • Grinding surfaces in the range of diameter of 350 mm in length 1640 mm
  • Gear manufacturing
  • bigger weldments (on request)
  • Material cutting with a mechanical saw Bomar 440

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